Many times I've wished the development of a polaroid could be halted in those hazy moments when the image is soft and blue. Other Polaroid photographers suggest slipping still developing film in a warm pocket on a cold day to assist the image, instead I slipped a still developing photo (after about a minute) in the freezer to slow it down. The one on the left was frozen.Erin Curry experiment with freezing polaroids


redredday said...

wow. it really does look frozen too. i love it side by side with the green one. Erin, you come up with the best experiments! who in their right mind would have thought to put a photo of cabbage in the freezer?? would be funny to go over to your house and find all these pictures of food in your fridge instead of the actual food. ahaha. :D.

btw, the words 'autumn wings' floated happily in my head for days...! :].

Liz said...

IT WORKED!!! awesome

mansuetude said...

its funny, i put framed images sometimes into the fridge or cabinet to surprise... my grandmother is sitting in near a can of beans right now! :)

Erin said...

mien, I'm glad you like this experiment, my life is full of them right now, I'll try to write about a few of them before I leave town this weekend, are you still making spoons?

liz, i love your enthusiasm as always, miss you.

mansuetude, I like the idea of pictures in places that are revealed through interaction with our everyday world. They would be harder to ignore.


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