White Sky and Bare Trees

I'm still waiting to actually work in my studio for a sustained period of time, life keeps interrupting (some of it good and most of it not at all), and so I am turning to more immediate ways of producing work, namely my sx-70 polaroid camera (acquired a few months ago). The immediacy and physicality of that little rectangle of film is so satisfying. I've been so tentative with using the camera because the film is pricey and I have to order it online, which all make it too precious for me to feel comfortable, until I discovered how to use 600 film bought at my local drugstore using the filter from my used up blend film. So here I am snapping away.

Today found me with some free time, and I wandered to the damp outdoors.Looking up, a white sky marked by lines waving and streaking through. The saturation of the world taken away, and the colors on film are so so subtle, hints of pale blue. Winter has finally set in, but the robins are already beginning their annual pilgrimage north chattering noisily as they bath in puddles. A recent cold snap led most of the trees to finally abandon their leaves making room for winter clothes as spanish moss grows in leaps and bounds to cover their nakedness. The moss in its exuberance lavishes attention on power lines and fences as well. Florida, even in the middle of winter, is fecund. Yet today I am interested in the subdued drawings I find above me.

Erin Curry- polaroid2
Erin Curry- polaroid3
Erin Curry- polaroid4
Erin Curry- polaroid5
crape myrtle
Erin Curry polaroid6

winged elm
Discovery of the disappearing line trick. I particularly favor these two:
Erin Curry- polaroid7

Erin Curry- polaroid8
a few hours later as the sun sets the clouds dissippate
Erin Curry- polaroid9
Erin Curry- polaroid10
Erin Curry- polaroid11


andrea tachezy said...

Today I was watching the birds on the trees, but everything was just in grey and black.Nice sky drawings.

thealteredpage said...

Great composition to these images. And the colors capture the mood so well.

bridgette said...

Great polaroids. I like to play around with my polaroid camera too, but always hesitate for the same reason-the film is so expensive!

redredday said...

i love the winged elms.

karin said...

You know what, I'm just working on a collaboration project about power lines. These are absolutely great!


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