Royal Mail

So sorry I have been away so long. Topics abounded and I happily wrote them down, but the ideas being safely written down and thus captured, the impetus for completion slipped my grasp. My studio practice follows this pattern on occasion; I have lists upon lists of projects yet to be begun, but with all the wonderful work I am seeing online I am constantly reminded, lists are just lists, but work must be made to be fully enjoyed. Thank you all for providing the motivation. My studio is ready and waiting. . .as are you. Without further ado, a little news . . .

My dear friend in art, Jillian, sent me Royal Mail straight from the land of the Queen, England. She wrote the letter on a paper silhouette and included rubbings of praying women from a church in Kent. Love the spurs on one (reminds me of the Joan of Arc), and the flat floral design peeking through the folds of the dress on another.

...and my Aunt Suzanne has sent me this navy blue handkerchief hem skirt. Beautiful. Wearing it here a bit like a flapper dress, I must find a cloche.

At the museum on Saturday, I taught a class in bookbinding. We used the coptic stitch which was taught to me in school by a printmaker and I deviate rarely from it for my own sketchbooks. For a left-hander like myself, the way it lays flat is a blessing. Now I've made it a few times, I can churn them out relatively quickly.

Erin Curry art- photograph of handbound sketchbooks

As soon as I figure out how to photograph wax without too much reflection, I'll post about some studio experiments I've been working on.


poppy said...

i love that your friend sent the rubbings, so thoughtful, almost like being there in a sense. lucky too to be able to make those books so fast!

christian said...

Hi Erin - try photographing the object at an angle, that is, lay it flat on a table and then photograph it from about 45 degrees head on. In Photoshop you can than go to 'edit' > 'transfer' and straighten it out.

Erin said...

thanks christian, I'll try that sometime soon.


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