Paper Critters

Suzanne mentioned artist, Alain Douglas Park, last week, and it happens to be completely related to my activities this week. One of my jobs is teaching art classes at the local art museum. This week I've been teaching kids in a class "Capturing the Jackalope". We made mythological and hybrid creatures out of paper mache. I loved it, they loved it. Here are two seven-year old artists works.

This one is a dog headed-bee-bear-duck.

This one is a rare spotted unicorn bird. Notice the pink toes.

I am really enjoying working with kids, it is such a challenge for me to grasp where they are in their skill development and focus and try to alter the project to their needs, or assist them in problem solving. It's also really satisfying seeing their faces light up while working on a project that is their own. I am reading Mona Brookes' Drawing with Children and it has some insightful information on to how to talk to children about their work and creating a safe creative environment.


Feltbug said...

These are great - I have done very similar projects with children based on Mexican Alejibre. I am looking forward to following your blog :)

Erin said...

Thank you. I had to look up the word alejibre, but immediately recognized the sculptures. A little fair trade store where I used to work carries them, some are quite exceptional in their detail and I love how expressive their body language can be. Didn't realize they were made of paper mache at one point.
I am glad to know you'll be around.


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