Ghosts of Entropy

 the internet is full of ghosts, this is just one, I visit on occasion, but I'm more likely over at tumblr reposting things or instagram showing small random sights. Come on over there til this reanimates here:



oh and recent installation as I prep for my thesis show:


walking on a cloud

It's always very difficult for me to keep secrets, but January gave me one straight out of the blue and left me bursting at the seams. Now the announcement's official: an excerpt from Ambient Air will be included in 2014 Best of American Comics edited by Scott McCloud. I couldn't be more excited to be included among really great artists including my first comics teacher, Tom Hart, whose work has been about capturing the loss of his sweet daughter. Read the rest of the line-up here: What's in Scott McCloud's The Best American Comics

My comic can be read on my website: ErinCurry.com/AmbientAir.


Emerge show

So happy to show with these two artists, Evie Woltil Richner and Nicole Gugliotti at Valdosta State University Sept 16th- Oct 4th. We had a wonderful turnout and great student interaction.

press release


test hankie

with the laser cutter


Catalyst Arts

In August one of my works was shown in Belfast for the members show, it's a lovely little space and fun to see in this gallery made video.


freckle kite

 flown in Connemera


freckle map

Erin Curry
/freckle constellation/
digital print of my freckles, handspun silk, wildflowers, first aid tape
installed at Limerick School of Art and Design

missing stars and trying to find my place called for a map


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